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Commonly Asked FAQS

HOW DO I DETERMINE QUALITY IN LINENS. We believe that high quality linens are worth the investment. To determine the quality, we recommend focusing on three issues, material ( for breathability and durability ) thread count, (for softness) and style.  We are proud to offer bed linens made from the highest quality natural fibers in a variety of luxurious thread counts for any budget.

WHAT IS EGYPTIAN COTTON. Egyptian cotton is by far, the finest cotton in the world because the humidity and rich soil along the delta produces especially delicate and long fibers.

WHAT IS SATEEN. Sateen is cotton made with a satin weave. Rather than a one over one weave like percale, the warp or weft threads are passed over several threads to create a silken feel and a very smooth lustrous surface.

WHY IS THREAD COUNT SO IMPORTANT. The term “thread count” refers to the number of threads in a square inch of fabric. Higher thread count means a tighter weave and stronger fabric and a finer quality. For a luxurious feel, we recommend fabrics with at least a 300 thread count.

IF I BUY MY LINENS TO SEND TO YOU, WHAT SIZES DO I NEED.  Sheets need to be as wide as the bed, plus the drop on each side, plus fabric containing the elastic to go under the bed (5 inches).  If your bed is 76 wide and the sides are  8 inches deep, you need to add 76(width)+26 (8+5 twice)= 102. This would require a king sheet as most king sheets are 106 wide. King is the largest sheet so if you go over the 106, you need to buy an extra twin to make the sides. The labor using your sheets, is 57.50 each sheet.

WHY DO I NEED A MATTRESS PAD.  Mattress pads protect your mattress and add extra comfort and softness to your bed.

WHAT COLORS SHOULD MY LINENS BE. White and Ivory are the most popular colors and should compliment your other linens. Because we label all of your sheets, you can use the same color throughout the boat. Sheets are versatile and can be another way of bringing color into your stateroom. Linen companies are constantly changing their colors so that not all colors are available all the time.

HOW DO I CARE FOR MY LINENS. Linens should be washed before using them. Be sure to wash your linens regularly (remember that natural fibers get softer with each wash). Warm wash with no bleach is recommended and tumble dry on medium. Sheets should be ironed to renew their luster but this is not always possible or desired in a boat situation. Taking them out of the dryer when almost dry and hand pressing and folding will suffice or just put them back on the bed and they will dry in 15 minutes.

HOW MANY LINENS DO I NEED. Ideally, three sets per stateroom is recommended. One for the bed, one for the laundry and one for the linen closet. This is completely up to your needs, storage and budget.


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